Sylvester Slane

Princeville Telephone, Feb. 1923
Transcribed by Mike McMullen



first part unreadable..…Uncle Ves is the last of his family to pass from this earth life. He died February 11, 1923, aged 86 years, 5 months and 12 days. Brothers and sisters who receded him in death are: Benjamin F., John, Elizabeth A., James Thomas and Mrs. Delilah Jane Root.

A member of no church organization, yet never the-less he had an abiding faith. In conversation with a friend some time ago he said, “I have no fears whatever of the future; death has no terror for me; I expect to go where my mother is and that will be good enough for me.” He was five years old when his mother died.

Although a confirmed bachelor, Mr. Slane always held in high esteem the ideals of true womanhood.

The funeral service was Tuesday afternoon at the home was in charge of Rev. John Acheson, pastor of the Presbyterian church. Members of the Thief Detective Association attended in a body. Interment was in the Princeville cemetery.


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