John Shipley

Princeville Telephone, April 1941
Transcribed by Mike McMullen


Two Duncan Residents Die Sunday Morning

Charles Carroll, 88 and John Shipley, 76, both lifelong residents of the Duncan community, who were living together, died within a half-hour of each other in the Galva nursing home Sunday morning.

Double funeral services were held at the Tretheway funeral home at Princeville Tuesday afternoon and burial work was in the Princeville cemetery. Services were conducted by Rev. J. C. Craine and Rev. A. H. Northdurft, both of Princeville.

The two men were brothers-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Shipley, who formerly lived on a farm south of Duncan, moved to Duncan several years ago to care for Mr. Carroll following the death of Mr. Carroll’s wife and daughter Verna. After a short time Mrs. Shipley died and Mr. Shipley continued to care for the elder man until he himself, became too ill.

Both men were taken to the Galva home only a week before they died. Mr. Shipley is survived by one son Dean and family, of Abington and one sister, Mrs. Cora McDonald of Wisconsin, while Mr. Carroll has no immediate relatives surviving.


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