Civil War Pensions


Summary of the Civil War Pension Application of Nelson Kelly, Co. I, 86th Ill. Inf. and Co. I, 34th Ill. Inf.

Nelson Kelly was born in Glasford, Illinois. He married Sophia Bitz of Peoria, Illinois, on March 1, 1886. After Kelly’s death in 1900, she married Mr. Altman of Peoria in 1921.

Their children: Stella born 20 October 1890; Mary E. born 3 February 1892; Alice Ratchel born 1 October 1894 in Peoria; Emily Christina born 20 October 1896. From 1890-1892 he was a foreman at John Gable’s livery stable, and at other times supported his family as a laborer and a cattle dealer.

In 1890 James C. Lindsay of Peoria was appointed his conservator, as Nelson Kelly is now insane and in the hospital for the Insane at Jacksonville, Illinois, where he died on November 1, 1900. His record states that his mother and two sisters were insane and his present condition was inherited, and not due to vicious habits. “Nelson Kelly was a sober, steady and peaceable man; kind to his family and willing and anxious to work for their support as long as he was able to work”—John C. Mayer, 1898.

“I always considered him a man of exemplary habits,”—John W. Kinsey, 1899

Nelson Kelly died on 1 November 1900, and is buried in Brunswick Cemetery, Tivoli Township, Peoria, Illinois.

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