People of Fulton County


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     Orville Arvig
     born May 6, 1912 Dodge Co. Minn.
     died Oct 18, 1975, Rochester, Minn.
Helen Arvig
wife of Orville Arvig



Grace Craft
born Jan. 03, 1888 Stutgart, Ark.
died Jan. 20, 1967 St. Paul, Minn.
buried Union Cemetery, St. Paul, Minn.

Delbert Vernon Helle
born Mar. 24, 1907
died Aug. 15, 1990, Farmington
buried Oak Ridge Cem.,
Farmington, Il.
Nellie Adalaide (Hayes) Helle
born Feb. 18, 1912 Smithfield, Il.
died Apr. 2, 1995, Farmington, Il.
buried Oak Ridge Cem.,
Farmington, Il.


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Gail Helle
born Jun. 23, 1920 Cuba, Il.
died Jun. 10, 1982 Peoria, Il.
b. St. Columbia Cem., Ottawa, Il.

Mary "Bernice" Barler Helle
b. Jun 18, 1921 Wyoming, Il.



George Adam Helle
born Oct 27, 1873
died Nov. 23, 1943
buried Sinnett Chapel, Cuba, Il.


Lloyd Charles Helle
born Jan. 10, 1903 Smithfield, Il.
died Feb. 17 1984 Cuba, Il.
buried Smithfield Cemetery, Cuba
Opal Maxine Behymer Helle
born Aug. 17 1909 Fulton Co
died Feb. 17, 1981 Avon, Ill.
buried Smithfield Cemetery


Hazel Nelle Hendrick Helle
born Jul. 19, 1914 Wyoming, Il.
died Jul. 15, 1989 Savanna, Il.
buried Savanna Cem. Savanna
Sheldon Lyle Helle
born Nov. 25, 1913 Cuba
died Jan. 26, 1997 Savanna, Il
buried Savanna Cem. Savanna


Joseph Arlie "Joe" Helle
born Jan. 8, 1906
died Nov. 7, 2000 Cuba, Il.


June Helle

born Jun 4, 1924 
died Aug. 25, 1932
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Charles Franklin Kaler
born Jan. 4, 1874 Cuba, Il.
died Feb. 13, 1942 Minn.
buried Evergreen Cemetery, Staples, Minn.


Harry Oscar Kaler
born Jul. 09, 1908 Smithfield
died Aug. 27, 1999 Tyler, Tx.
buried Memorial Park,
Mason City, Ia.
Helen Marie Kaler
born Mar 24 1914 Smithfield

Bertha Kaler Wegter
born Oct. 29 1918 Iowa
died Feb. 22, 2005
Grandview Christian Home, Cambridge, Mn.
buried in Evergreen Memorial Gardens

Bernice Kaler Muller
(larger pic not available)



Don Walton
born Oct. 29, 1908, Astoria, Il.
died Aug. 17, 2002,  Whitewater, Wi.
buried Mt. Morris, Il.
Ethel Helle Walton
born Feb. 24, 1910, Cuba
died Apr. 15, 1996, Mt. Morris
buried Mt. Morris, Il.


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