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Note: Margret/Andrew Bramble were the children of James (1784 Baltimore-1872 Canton, Fulton Co., IL)
and Elizabeth Pitzer (Elizabeth's first husband's name). Elizabeth was James's second wife.
Information/photos of James Bramble were submitted by Wick Tobias.


James Bramble Sr. James Bramble Jr.

James Bramble Jr. and
wife Pamela Seeley

James & Pamela Bramble
Brainard Livingson


Children of James Bramble Sr. with:

Elizabeth Poe: 1st wife (1792 Baltimore-1829 Newark, Oh.)Catherine Ann Bramble (1810, Chillicothe, OH-1875, Fairfield, Ia.)Elizabeth Bramble  (1812-1870)
William H. Bramble (1814-)
Henry Lee Bramble  (1817-1887)
Mary Bramble (1819-)
Aaron Bramble (1821-1870)
Sarah Jane Bramble
James W. Bramble (1826 Chillicothe, OH-1902 Peoria) m. Pamela Ann Seeley
Elizabeth M. Bramble (1829) mother died at childbirth.

Elizabeth Pitzer: 2nd wife (1802, PA--1879 Peoria)
Andrew Bramble (1830, OH--1856)------Bramble Cemetery
John J. Bramble (1832, OH--1863) (Battle of Shiloh, Pittsburgh Landing)
Oriann Bramble (1834, OH--1844)
Margaret Ellen Bramble (1837, OH--1855)---Bramble Cemetery
Hamilton G. Bramble  (1839, OH--1873)



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