Harker Family
compiled by Steve Slaughter


(aka: Henry S. Harker)


HENRY SMITH HARKER, son of James & Puella Harker, was born in Cayuga County, New York on July 10, 1820. He and his parents moved to Peoria County, Illinois, in 1829. His father located at Harker Corners, Peoria County, and spent most of his life there. Mr. Harker was a farmer and did well as a farmer.

Henry married Isabella Duffield on October 20, 1842, who was born at New Marion, Indiana on March 8, 1823 and had been living in Glasford, Illinois. The Harkers were Baptist and Henry was a large man all of his life. He died on July 28, 1875, and Isabella died April 23, 1892. Both Harkers are buried at Harkers Corners Cemetery. While married they had 6 children:

William Duffield Harker, was born May 18, 1844 and like his father, Henry, was a large framed man. He was a school teacher and was reported to be "... of a brilliant mind ...". William married Amanda J. Watrous on October 29, 1874 and died October 7, 1902 with no children and is buried at Harker's Corners Cemetery.

Francis Marion Harker, was born Sept 1, 1849 in Timber Township, Peoria County, Illinois. His early life was spent in the same area. He married Sarah A. Jones on July 2, 1868, a daughter of W. G. and Electa Jones of Jones Hollow near Peoria. She was born August 16, 1847. Francis and Sarah lived in Iroquois County (Illinois) and in 1878 moved to Jasper County, Missouri where he farmed for several years. From there his family moved to Carthage, Missouri where Francis died on January 6, 1908 and is buried in Park Cemetery in Carthage. Francis and Sarah had 4 children:

-LILLIAN (born in Iroquois County, IL on Oct 21, 1870, died June 2, 1909 with no children);

-FLORA (born Oct. 31, 1870 in Iroquois County, IL - no death information)

-WILLIAM HENRY (born in Glasford, IL, on June 2, 1876; moved to Carthage, MO, after marrying Tempir Shields; moved to Spokane, Washington in 1902 and to Addy, Washington in 1905)

-ANDREW JACKSON (born at Carthage, Missouri on Sept 30, 1880; married Laura Benna in 1905, and, as of 1908, had one child Howard Hadley.)

JONATHAN JUDSON HARKER, was born December 25, 1853, near Harker's Corners and married Minerva J. Noel on March 6, 1873. Jonathan was employed with Government Mail Service and continued to live around Harker's Corner with his wife and 4 children until his death on Nov. 6, 1906. Their children were:

-MINNIE (born June 1, 1875, and died October 25, 1911, and is buried in Chillicothe, Peoria County, IL

-THOMAS CHARLES (born near Eureka, IL, June 27, 1880; married Lavina Sweetnam at Cedarburg, Wisconsin on May 1, 1904, and had one child; returned to Peoria County lived in the "Uplands District in the City of Peoria and was president of T. C. Harker and Company Printing)

-WARREN NOEL (born November 27, 1887, and died in Peoria May 8, 1908 while unmarried. He is buried in Chillicothe, Illinois)

-HARRY (born July 4, 1894 and was a student at Peoria High School, in the City of Peoria)

HANNA ELIZABETH HARKER, was born near Harker's Corners on August 16, 1856; married Charles E. Herwig in Butler County, Kansas on Dec 24, 1882, and moved to Guthrie, Oklahoma in 1890. No death information.)

THOMAS JEFFERSON HARKER, was born near Harker's Corners on October 9, 1858; married Daisy Donovan on April 15, 1890, in Kiowa County, Colorado; moved to Lamar, Colorado, as a rancher; together they had 4 children, all born in Kiowa County, Colorado)

ANDREW JACKSON HARKER, was born October 14, 1860 near Harker's Corners; married Elizabeth A. Clark in Modesto, California, on October 22, 1882; together the moved to Pomona, California with their 2 children while he worked as a Mining Engineer.



JEREMIAH WALLING HARKER, son of James and Puella Higley Harker, was born April 11, 1824 at Port Byron, New York. He came with his parents to Harker's Corners, Peoria County, IL in 1829 where he lived for several years. He married Nancy A. Kinder, on March 7, 1850 (she was the daughter of Samuel and Margaret Phillips Kinder, born at Cootehill, Cavan County, Ireland on April 19, 1831). Jeremiah and Nancy had 12 children, 2 of which died in infancy. Jeremiah was always a farmer and held various positions in the local community. He died December 21, 1889.

Nancy Harker was a Methodist pastor of her church and delivered a beautiful tribute to her husband at his funeral. In her senior years, she was cared for by her daughter, Margaret H. Kopp, and died on January 15, 1905. Both Nancy and Jeremiah are buried in Harker's Corners Cemetery. Their children were named:

-JOSEPH M. born at Harker's Corners on Dec. 18, 1850, and graduated from Peoria County Normal School. He was a teacher by profession and married Martha I. Cowley [Jan. 10, 1852 - Memphis, Tennessee] on March 27, 1879, at Brimfield, Illinois. Together they had one child, Martha Josephine (born Oct. 27, 1881 and later taught in Peoria schools. She married Charles Sumner Stewart). Joseph and family moved to Peoria, IL where he worked for 18 years for the Iowa Central Railroad and on June 1, 1905, was appointed Chief Supervisor by the Peoria Board of Trade)

-PUELLA J. born at Harker's Corners on July 9, 1852; married Millard H. Buck on Aug. 29, 1870; settled near Monica, IL and raised 5 children named Charles Albert, Anna Cornelia, Flora May, Susan Ada and Cora Viola.

...- Charles Albert born Jan. 19, 1872 - married Julia E. McDougal on Aug 26, 1896.

...- Anna Cornelia born Sept 29, 1873 - married William Walter Day on Dec. 31, 1902.

...- Flora May born on Nov. 30, 1875 - married Charles Schaad on June 17, 1896.

...- Susan Ada born July 31, 1879 - married Charles Henry Crawford Hogaboom on Sept 28, 1904.

...- Cora Viola born on Dec. 23, 1883 - married John Arleigh Hayes on Aug 23, 1905

-SEBA HIGLEY born October 20, 1854, at Harker's Corners; married Isabella Cameron on October 20, 1880 [she was born in North Limestone, IL, on March 20, 1859, the daughter of John and Isabella Cameron, both from Scotland]; Seba worked for several years in the City of Peoria but later moved to a farm near Dunlap, IL; was a member of the Presbyterian Church and died 2.5 miles east of Dunlap on May 20, 1913, following a brief illness. Seba and Isabella had 9 children:

...- Ida May born Feb. 15, 1882 - married Fred C. Campbell on Feb. 17, 1904, near Alta, IL

...- Myrtle Louella born Aug. 5, 1883 - married Oct. 16, 1907, to Oscar Edward Cline in Peoria

...- Paul Weston born April 19, 1885 and married Margaret Isabella on Feb. 10, 1909

...- Seba Elmer born April 18, 1888 - married Pearl I. Harrison on June 11, 1913; lived in Dunlap

...- Annetta Belle

...- Frederick Allen

...- Effie Grace

...- Charles Herbert

...- Glenn Higley

-SUSAN, daughter of Jeremiah and Nancy Harker was born November 5, 1856, at Harkers Corners, IL and married on December 6, 1876 in Limestone Township of Peoria County, Illinois to John D. Moore, son of Samuel and Isabella Rusk Moore of Ohio. They had 3 children:

...- Lois Isabella (born Oct. 12, 1877 - married Sherman T. Henry on Feb. 23, 1910)

...- Seba Elmer (born March 19, 1880 - married Ethel Corney on Jan. 25, 1900

...- Francis Kinder (born Nov. 9, 1889 - married Roy E. Stowell on Nov. 9, 1889

-JAMES, son of Jeremiah and Nancy Harker, born September 19, 1862 at Harkers Corners. He married Sylvia Moore (born in 1863) on March 11, 1885, and she was the daughter of Joseph and Tabitha Moore of Martin's Ferry, Ohio. Mrs. Sylvia Harker died July 23, 1903 and is buried at Harker's Corners. They had 3 children:

...- Ethel E - born Feb. 13, 1889 - attended Brimfield school & was a teacher at Garfield School in Peoria.

...- Ward E was born April 23, 1892 - attended school in Brimfield then entered Wireless Telegraph School at Mare Island, California. Enlisted in the US Navy aboard the ship "Supply" as a wireless operator.

...- Florence M. was born Aug. 25, 1895 at Brimfield, attended Central High School in Peoria. Became a teacher at School #16, near Brimfield in 1913.

-MANDELAY, was born April 19, 1864, at Harker's Corners. She married John Howarth on March 11, 1885, the son of John & Salina Howarth of England. John Howarth died childless. Mandelay remarried Walter B. Plummer on Dec, 24, 1897, a son of William and Mary Plummer of Flemingsburg, Kentucky. They had no children but lived in Opdyke, Illinois.

-ADDIE L. was born in Harker's Corners on April 22, 1867, And married John E. Barrett on March 25, 1891, the son of Isaac and Drusilla Abrahams Barrett of Ohio. They had no children and lived on a farm near Elmwood, Il.

-DANIEL E. was born Sept 25, 1869, at Brimfield. He married Clara M. Cheek on July 16, 1890. Daniel became Department Manager and Assistant Buyer with Schipper & Block of Peoria. They had one child, Arthur A. born in Peoria on Oct. 2, 1891 and went on to graduate Central High School in Peoria in June 1910.

-MARGARET M. was born April 27, 1872, at Brimfield, IL. She married Charles R. Kopp on June 8, 1892, son of William and Katherine Kopp of Washington, IL. They had one child, Mildred Irene born Dec. 16, 1897, who studied at Lincoln Avenue High School in Peoria.

- FRANK A. was born in Limestone Township on Nov. 11, 1876. He married Eva M. Peterson on Sept. 20, 1899. Together they had one child, Donald E., born May 20, 1902. He went on to become Deputy Collector of the Internal Revenue Service in Peoria.




SEBA HIGLEY was the youngest son of James and Puella Harker and was born on Sept. 2, 1829, in Port Byron (Cayuga County), New York. Just 2 days and 3 week of age, his family started the long trip West to Illinois. The trip took 7 weeks and 3 days and the vitality of young Seba enabled him to survive in good health.

His early life was spent in the vicinity of Harker's Corners. In his adult life he spent some time in the Midwest and a few years in Peoria, IL. Finally in 1891, he moved to Halsey, Oregon, arriving there on July 11.

[Quoting from a letter written by him]:

"My father used to tell me that the old musket I used to kill prairie chickens, quail, and rabbits, was my grandfather's gun that he had used to shoot at the British. And that my grandmother used to run three different sizes of lead balls. One was one ounce; one was a blunt point; and one was a sharp pointed ball. My grandmother, on my father's side, would send my grandfather those balls to shoot at the Red Coats. Yes - my grandfather carried the old musket all through the Revolutionary War with him and when he was discharged from the Army, he asked for his old musket, and they gave it to him to take home as a trophy of war.

"When I moved to Oregon, I left it with my half-brother, Hiram Partridge, at Smithville, IL, at his request. Also left the old bullet molds, made out of stone. The old musket was a flint lock.

"My grandfather Harker was paid in Continental money when he mustered out, and my father gave each of his five sons a piece of it to keep. Mine, I have laid away for safe keeping, and sometimes I go and look at it and think how long ago it is since he held that sacred hard-earned money in his patriotic old hands. Mine is marked seventy-five cents."

Seba Harker married Hannah Elizabeth Mills on July 4, 1855. She was born in Washington County, New York, on Dec. 26, 1836, the daughter of Mr. & Mrs. James Mills. She died in Halsy, Oregon, on Sept 9, 1902. Together they had 5 children:

SARAH EMILY was born at Harker's Corners on Oct. 15, 1856 and married George Thomas Ray of Missouri. Sarah lived for a short time in Nebraska and upon returning to the Peoria area, lived here until 1892 when they went west to join her parents in Oregon. Together, Sarah and George had 5 children:

... - Rose Anna was born at Ft. Worth, Texas, on April 14, 1876 and died Jan. 13, 1905

... - Seba Richard was born at Ottawa, Kansas on Jan. 17, 1878 and died in Peoria on Nov. 28, 1878

... - Leonard Leon was born in Peoria on July 13, 1888. At the age of four years, he moved with his parents to Oregon where he eventually graduated from the University of Oregon on June 18, 1912.

... - Clara Ethel was born in Peoria on Dec 27, 1889. No additional information could be found.

... - Ila Jane was born in Halsey, Oregon on Feb. 26, 1893. No additional information could be found.

LUCY DESIRE, daughter of Seba and Hannah Harker was born on Aug. 19, 1858. The only information found shows her living with father in Halsey in 1913.

ELIZABETH JANE was born at Harker's Corners, IL, on Nov. 6, 1860 and married in Peoria on

Oct. 12, 1882 to a William F. White of Virginia. Together they had one child which died in infancy. Together they left Illinois for Halsey, Oregon, on Sept. 10, 1892.

MARY ETTA was born at Harker's Corners on Sept 12, 1864, and married in Peoria on Jan. 1, 1883, to Samuel A. Ray. Together they journeyed to Oregon with Mary's father. Mary's husband died in Halsey, Oregon, on July 25, 1893.

CLARE PUELLA was born near Elmwood, IL, on Dec. 8, 1871. In 1892, she journeyed to Oregon to be with her family and taught school until she married Joseph A. Cross on May 19, 1897. Together they had 4 children and remained in and around Halsey, Oregon.


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